St Clare’s celebrates its 25th birthday

5 September 2019
Students and teachers during St Clare's Catholic High School's 25-year anniversary. Image: Supplied/Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.


St Clare’s Catholic High School Hassall Grove is 25!

School Captains Kaylan George and Kurt Edwards led the St Clare’s community on 16 August 2019 in reflecting on what life was like way back in 1994 when the school began with just 100 students.

“In 1994, exactly 25 years ago, having a phone was something new. Unlike our phones, these phones looked like a block and had tiny screens with numbers on them. The top songs included The Sign by Ace of Base, I Swear by All for One and many songs by Boyz II Men. Fashion in those days was a good pair of Doc Martens with a cute shirt and pretty much anything flannel,’’ Kurt said.

“One aspect here at St Clare we epitomise is our sense of inclusiveness with cultures. It is obvious when you look around at how multicultural we really are. We pride ourselves on the diverse range of people coming from around the world, embracing their culture in whole school events such as Harmony Day,’’ Kurt said.

“Our school is in a stage of change, one that will impact the future of both St Clare, the students and staff. Our school looks different and feels different. As our school changes, there has been massive investment in our classrooms, places where we are called to collaborate with teachers and our peers to become better learners. Our school has become a place where our community has come together to learn, respect and contribute to collaborative learning, making each student’s experience one they will forever remember,’’ Kaylan said.

School captains Kurt Edwards (left) and Kaylan George during the St Clare’s Catholic High School’s 25-Year Anniversary Mass at The Good Shepherd Parish, Plumpton. Image: Supplied/Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

St Clare’s Principal Kevin Jones said teachers come to St Clare’s to create hope to make a better life for the students.

“We want all of our students to embody what it is to be the best you can be. You are a credit to your school. You are a credit to your Church. I am very proud to say that today,’’ Mr Jones said.

The school community also enjoyed a special Feast of St Clare Mass at The Good Shepherd Parish Church in Plumpton with Principal Celebrant Bishop Vincent Long, Bishop of Parramatta, and concelebrant Fr Vincy D’Costa, parish priest of The Good Shepherd Parish.

Bishop Vincent Long delivered the homily and spoke about watching a David Attenborough documentary on climate change which brought home to him that we can all make a difference in the things that we do every day.

Bishop Vincent Long during the St Clare’s Catholic High School’s 25-Year Anniversary Mass at The Good Shepherd Parish, Plumpton. Image: Supplied/Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

“I decided at least one day a week I would walk to work, which is about a 3km walk and use public transport as often as I can,” Bishop Vincent said.

Bishop Vincent then spoke about the school’s patron St Clare and how she could have lived a life of luxury and power. Yet St Clare became a cloistered nun “and despite the challenges that came with her chosen vocation she modelled a life of living true to the Gospel”.

“Our society has been put to sleep by its addiction to consumerism, its sense of entitlement to live a way of life that extracts so much of the world’s resources and this is the sleep that Jesus warned us about. Being a Christian means we believe in equality, simplicity and respect for all life, to rouse each and everyone one of us to action!’’ Bishop Vincent said.

“I want to remind people of the need to be alert. To make faithful responses and to read the signs of the times and respond appropriately,’’ Bishop Vincent said.

As the St Clare’s Catholic High School community celebrates 25 years, Bishop Vincent’s powerful message is timely inspiration for a bright future.

With thanks to Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.


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