A church is attacked every two days in Northern Ireland, charity reveals

By Charles Collins, 23 August 2019
Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church in Belfast. Image: Google Maps/Crux.


A new report shows that an attack on a place of worship takes place nearly every other day in Northern Ireland.

After filing a freedom of information request, the public advocacy charity CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) discovered 445 attacks took place resulting in criminal damage to religious buildings, churchyards, or cemeteries in Northern Ireland over the last three years.

“Our research shows that there are crimes being committed against places of worship nearly every other day in Northern Ireland. It’s not limited to one location and there are recorded examples in every policing district across the Province,” said Mark Baillie, CARE Northern Ireland’s Policy Officer.

“These are concerning figures and clearly action needs to be taken. In a free and democratic society, no one should be afraid of gathering together with those who share their faith in a place of worship,” he added.

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With thanks to Crux and Charles Collins, where this article originally appeared.


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