A reflection for the Friday of the First Week of Advent

2 December 2022
A stained glass window depicting Jesus healing a blind man in St Patrick's Cathedral, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Image: Nheyob/Wikimedia Commons.


Friday of the First Week of Advent

Readings: Isaiah 29:17-24; Psalm 26(27):1, 4, 13-14; Matthew 9:27-31

2 December 2022


“Do you believe that I can do this?” – Matthew 9:28

The miracles of Jesus are very much linked to faith. When people truly believe that He is the son of God, He is able to heal them. On the other hand, when Jesus was unable to inspire the people of Nazareth – his own hometown – it is said that he was unable to do many miracles there due to the people’s lack of faith.

Another observation about faith and the acts of Jesus is to consider the question people ask frequently today, which is ‘why are there no miracles seen today like those we read about in the Bible?’ The fact is, these miracles are all around us if we could only look and listen for them. The first miracle is that Jesus saved us through His taking on all our sin as He died on the cross. His rising again delivered us a divine miracle in everlasting life with our Father in heaven.

Meanwhile, many miracles happen through our lives by the grace of God. It’s easy to take them for granted, but try and remember those very special times when something happened that was perhaps a little surprising or pleasantly unexpected. Miracles don’t have to be life-changing, but they are life-giving. It’s not important to notice them, but just know that they happen and enrich our lives and support our faith.

Pray for our beautiful environment today.

With thanks to Holy Name of Mary Parish, Hunters Hill, who have supplied these daily Advent and Christmas 2022 reflections from their publication Daily Inspirations of Faith: A Season of Prayer – Advent to Epiphany 2022-2023


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