Children show us prayer for difficult times

By Christina Gretton, 5 January 2021
Year 5 students reflect on their prayers. Image: Holy Family Primary School, East Granville/Supplied


“Is it about the journey or the destination?” It’s a question the Year Five students at Holy Family Primary School, East Granville were keen to explore. Along the way, they created a wonderful prayer resource.

In thinking about this ‘big’ question, the Year Five students looked at the Scriptures and researched different types of prayer. They considered how Jesus guides people on their spiritual journeys along with other religious figures, their families and friends.

The result is a book of prayers children and adults alike can turn to during the difficult times in life such as arguments and fights; times you may be bullied; even times you find it difficult to pray. The students included the four types of prayer: petition, thanksgiving, adoration and contrition.

Modestly, Jamee El Kady, who wrote on behalf of the other Year Five students claimed, “Amazingly our prayer book turned out to be a great success.”

Both Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv, Bishop of Parramatta, and Greg Whitby, Executive Director of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, wrote letters of congratulation and admiration.

Greg says that receiving the book “made his day” and Bishop Vincent in addition to offering to shout each student an ice-block, is keen to visit the students when they are Year Six in order to talk more about the power of prayer.

Happily for us, the students generously agreed for Catholic Outlook to publish their prayers. Here are two of them.


(L-R) Year 5 students Elias El Kadi, Tiana Nakhoul and Anweshi Ghale, who wrote the prayer ‘When you have trouble praying’. Image: Holy Family Primary School, East Granville/Supplied

When you are having trouble praying

Dear God,

We love you but we do not give you enough time. Help us find that small amount of time so that we may give all our attention to you and have complete trust in you. May Jesus your Son guide us to you with the help of the Holy Spirit. We do not realise how many blessings you give us, and we often take what you give us for granted. Please God, give us the time and the heart to pray with true intentions and reverence. Help us to not fall into temptation and from this prayer let us pray more to make the world a better place.


By Tiana, Elias and Anweshi


(L-R) Year 5 students Stephen Toutai Lemoto, Annabelle Wehbe, Rushil Limbu and Tyson Vu, who wrote the prayer ‘When you are feeling angry.’ Image: Holy Family Primary School, East Granville/Supplied

When you are feeling angry

Dear God,

Please help us confront those who trespass against us. Remind us to reflect on ourselves and our behaviour. We must treat others the way we want to be treated, no matter who they are. Make the people happy if they are sad and us to be calm not angry. Talk to us when we are angry and help us and those who want to take their anger out on other people.


By Tyson, Annabelle, Rushill and Stephen


The methods used to create this heartfelt example of worship were learned as part of a trial of the draft new Religious Education Curriculum for Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta schools.

We plan to publish some of their other prayers on Catholic Outlook online in the coming months. Subscribe to Catholic Outlook online at, to receive updates and more prayers from the children’s book.

With thanks to the Year Five students of Holy Family Primary School, East Granville. Holy Family Primary School, East Granville is a Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta school.


This article was originally featured in the Summer 2020/2021 Edition of the Catholic Outlook Magazine.


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