Lebanese build world’s largest Rosary

By Jordan Grantham, Catholic Outlook, Feast of the Rosary
The Rosary of Lebanon illuminated at night. Image: www.lerosaireduliban.org

The world’s largest set of rosary beads nears completion in northern Lebanon and will illuminate the region, as a beacon of hope amid terror and violence.

This article is in honour of the Feast of the Holy Rosary, October 7. On this feast day, Catholics around the world celebrate the gift of the rosary prayer from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When complete, the Rosaire du Liban, the Rosary of Lebanon will be a staggering 600 metres (1965 ft) long, with 59 large concrete beads, each the size of a sturdy vehicle. The large structure can be clearly seen from GoogleMaps.

Bird’s eye view of the Rosary of Lebanon.
Image: Google Maps

“The beads measure 4.90 meters long and 3.5 meters wide,” the website, theRosaryofLebanon.com states.

Pilgrims and religious tourists can walk through each bead, while praying the rosary on a path that will lead to a Cross of the Resurrection, featuring the large crucifix of the outdoor rosary.

The design of the chapel includes a large image of The Virgin with the Angels by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

The unique project will be illuminated at night, shining as a witness to the peace promised by Our Lord’s Blessed Mother.

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Photographs in September 2017 reveal all the beads have been constructed, while the Cross of the Resurrection is yet to be built.

The Rosary of Lebanon is a two-hour drive from Beirut, in the Deir el Ahmar region, on a main road between Bechouat and Deir El Qamar.

The region is close to the border with Syria, which has been the site of refugee camps, terrorist attacks and other tensions.

It is part of the territory of the Baalbeck Maronite Eparchy, centred in the historic city of the Roman Empire and set among spectacular scenery in the fertile Bekaa Valley in northern Lebanon, which receives some snowfall during the winter.

Map showing proximity of Islamic State and Syrian Rebel forces to northern Lebanon (areas shaded green).
Image: isis.liveuamap.com/

When complete, The Rosary of Lebanon will be a major pilgrimage site in the Middle East, with a large amphitheatre under the Cross of the Resurrection for outdoor prayer and gatherings.

“A place under the cross is dedicated to the continuous contemplation of the Blessed Sacrament,” the website states.

“The goal is to deepen in the redemptive work of the Lord.”

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