Living Life to the Full: Draft Three Religious Curriculum released

3 June 2021


For a number of years, our Catholic community has been working together on a new approach to sharing faith with children and young people in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. On Thursday 3 June 2021, an updated version of the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta draft new curriculum for Religious Education was released in response to feedback from clergy, parents, teachers, students and friends, including experts in theology, scripture and Religious Education.

At the same time, Bishop Vincent Long announced that this approach will be known as Living Life to the Full, drawing on Jesus’ words in John 10:10: “I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.” Reflecting the richness of our Catholic Tradition that enables fullness of life through the Gospel, Living Life to the Full is an invitation for everyone to experience human flourishing.

“My dream for Religious Education in the Diocese of Parramatta is that the students come to know Christ and to love his Teachings, what He stands for and to be inspired by Him in order to follow in his footsteps and to give witness to the Values that he taught us and He exemplifies,” Bishop Vincent said. “It invites them to use what they learn to make a difference in the lives of others through being attentive, intelligent, reasonable and responsible.”

Director Mission Monica Officer thanked the community for the strong interest in supporting students to grow in faith and learning. She advised that Living Life to the Full remains a work in progress, and that Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta will continue to keep local families informed.

“We’ll keep listening to our community,” Monica said. “This is all about sharing the Catholic faith with the next generation.”

Faithful to Sacred Scripture and Tradition, Catholic Teaching and Values, Living Life to the Full is designed to be age-appropriate for children and young people. Living Life to the Full will replace Sharing Our Story, the Religious Education curriculum that has been in place in the Diocese of Parramatta for the past 20 years.

Read Living Life to the Full here.

Read the Guide to Understanding the Draft New Curriculum for Religious Education in the Diocese of Parramatta here


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