Mothers: Models of faith and love

By Mary Brazell, 12 May 2024
Image: Bethany Beck/Unsplash


Every May, we have the opportunity to thank God for the gifts of our mothers, grandmothers and mother-figures in our lives.

I spoke with three people about their mothers.

Mothers as educators in the faith

Jacob Boulus from Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Kellyville, described his mother Mary as “the source of care and strength in our family.”

“She is deeply loving, a strong leader, and fulfils her motherly duties with lots of grace,” he said.

“Hers is a love I can fall back on always.”

Year 12 student at Nagle College, Blacktown, Chevonne Lobo, loves her mother Kelly’s infectious laugh.

“You can hear it from a mile away, which is great since it can instantly put you in a good mood,” she said.

Nagle College student Chevonne Lobo (left) with her mother Kelly. Image: Supplied.

“Seeing the way she sings in the parish choir has allowed me to start my own youth choir in Church, which has strengthened my faith in God, and I have her to thank for that.”

Deacon Batsirai Maringehosi from Our Lady of the Way Parish, Emu Plains, is grateful to his wife Charity for helping their three children grow. “On Mother’s Day, we come together as a family in the evening and pray particularly for her in our evening prayers,” he shared.

“Her greatest spiritual gift to me was allowing me to pursue my call to the ministry of Diaconate. Even though it was my calling, she gave it her blessing and has joined me on the journey, taking it as her own.”

Deacon Batsirai Maringehosi (right back), currently serving at Our Lady of the Way Parish, Emu Plains, with his wife Charity (left back) and their three children. Image: Supplied

Our Lady a ‘perfect example’

“Our Blessed Mother Mary is the custodian of my faith,” Deacon Batsirai said. “She journeys with me and she cheers me up when I am feeling spiritually low.”

Jacob added, “Our Lady is unconditional love and mercy ever flowing.

“She teaches me to nurture and softens my heart to those in need.”

Chevonne said, “Mother Mary is a perfect example of how we should live our lives.”

Honouring our mothers every day

Outside of the breakfasts in bed, flowers and gifts, each person explains the importance of showing our mothers appreciation every day of the year.

Deacon Batsirai told me, “Mothers are great leaders, they hold together families through love. We can show them our appreciation and acknowledge their God-given gift of leadership by offering them leadership roles in society. That way, Mother’s Day will have more meaning.”

Jacob explained, “Sometimes, it can be as simple as speaking words of love and genuine compliments to her at least once a day.”

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish youth leader Jacob Boulus (right) with his mother Mary. Image: Supplied.

Chevonne said “Our mothers are constantly taking care of us, so expressing to them that we are appreciative is extremely rewarding.

“Going to Church and praying for them, doing the small things – they all go a long way.”

A Mother’s Day Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, You chose to put yourself— tiny, needy and helpless—into the nurturing and watchful hands of a human mother.

Since then, every act of mothering, both physical and spiritual, in every time and every corner of the world recollects Mary’s.

Inspired by this example, we, too, honour our mothers and mother figures today.

Bless these women, that they may be strengthened as Christian mothers and nurturers.

Let the example of their faith and love shine forth.

Grant that we, their sons and daughters, honour them always with a spirit of profound respect.

We ask this in your holy name. Amen.

With thanks to the Diocese of Wollongong.

This article was originally published in the 2023 Lent and Easter | Autumn edition of the Catholic Outlook Magazine.


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