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19 December 2020


What’s New in The Well:


God’s Plan for Mary

Throughout time the spirit has accompanied countless people of God. One of the most significant being Mary, the mother of Jesus. Watch this beautiful re-telling of Mary’s ‘yes’ and her chance to ‘be more’. The Holy Spirit breathed a new life into Mary, a new life for her, and for us.


ADVENTures with Mum and Dad

The journey of Mary, Joseph and the unborn baby Jesus is really quite remarkable! Have you ever considered how you might have handled the same situation? Experience the story through the eyes of a child and the reflections of young parents and a ‘mum-to-be’.


Saturday Sessions – Mary’s Journey, Our Journey

Join Amy Armstrong during these final days of Advent reflecting on Mary’s journey as she offers us questions to ponder for our own.


Worship Wednesday Christmas Special featuring the Good Shepherd Youth Choir

For many months now the young musicians of Good Shepherd Parish in Plumpton have been bringing various groups together for online praise and worship. Here’s a special compilation of their favourite Christmas Carols!


Saturday Sessions – Our Moral Imperative to act on Climate Change

Pope Francis shares three courses of action to tackle climate change. His address at a recent TED conference invites all of us to think how we can be better stewards of creation.



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