Pope Francis visits bombed Coptic church during Egypt visit

5 May 2017
Pope Francis.

Pope Francis, on a trip to Egypt, has visited a church where 29 people died in a suicide bombing in December.

He attended a service at St Peter and St Paul church in the capital Cairo with Coptic Christian leader Pope Tawadros II.

The Pope’s visit comes at a time when Egypt’s Copts are facing an increased threat from extremist groups.

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Just three weeks ago, suicide bombers struck two other Coptic churches, killing a further 45 people.

Pope Francis had earlier urged an end to the funding of groups that promote violence, an act which could not be committed in the name of God, he said.

During a speech at al-Azhar University, a key centre of Sunni Islamic learning, which aimed to improving Christian-Muslim dialogue, the pontiff said religious leaders were “duty-bound” to unmask such violence.

He also condemned the “rise of demagogic forms of populism”, adding it was essential” to “block the flow of money and weapons” bound for those who promote violence “which purports to be carried out in the name of the sacred”.

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