St Madeleine’s celebrates Mother’s Day with online breakfast

By Sue Martin, 13 May 2020
Sue Martin, parishioner at St Madeleine Sophie Barat Parish, Kenthurst, during the St Madeleine's Women's Breakfast. Image: Sue Martin/Supplied.


St Madeleine Sophie Barat Parish, Kenthurst, hasn’t let the coronavirus pandemic stop them from celebrating womanhood.

On Saturday 9 May, 20 members of the parish in Kenthurst gathered for a virtual women’s breakfast using video conferencing software Zoom.

Our parish regularly holds a women’s or a men’s breakfast on a Saturday morning, which have been organised by long time parishioners Carmel and Mike O’Connell. Mike is usually organising breakfast, so, ahead of time, we shared his scone recipe and we virtually all had scones together.

We started the virtual breakfast with a beautiful prayer written by parishioner Careyanne, which called on the wisdom spirit of Sancta Sophia to be with us all.

Parishioners from St Madeleine Sophie Barat Parish, Kenthurst, during the St Madeleine’s Women’s Breakfast. Image: Supplied.

Usually at the breakfasts, someone is asked to speak from the heart. It could be a parishioner or someone interesting we know. For our Mother’s Day breakfast, parishioner Rosanna Ceroli spoke about her journey as a mother, the key influencers that her mother and mother-in-law have been on her and also the joy of being a nonna (grandmother) for the first time last year. Rosanna also shared how important Mother Mary has been in her life. After this inspiring talk we were able to reflect and share our own experiences as mothers with each other.

As the breakfast was held Zoom, the parish offered technical help and for a few parishioners, this was the first time they had used Zoom.

Our Zoom women’s breakfast celebrating Mother’s Day shows that in this time of isolation, we can come together as community, maybe a little differently, and share together in the life of the parish.

Now to help with the men’s breakfast.

Read the prayer to Sancta Sophia below:

Sancta Sophia, Christ, the Wisdom of God, whose light transforms all creation with love and the hope of the resurrection, and whose presence shines in the face of each one of us, known and unknown, change our minds and hearts to a God-centred mindfulness. Help us to see the unknown and unseen Christ within all things; help us hear the soft, the gentle, the merciful and feminine voice of God. Empower us to birth the love and mercy of Christ in this distressed world. Help us in our desire to live in peace with others and in sustainable harmony with Mother Earth and to live our theology.

Sancta Sophia, thank you for creating each mother with a unique combination of gifts and talents, for the sacrifice of self each one gives for her children. To our own mothers, thank you for their devotion, sharing of wisdom, sacrifices in time and desires, courage in adversity, leadership in trials, fortitude in hardship, joy in daily life, creativity, and awareness of God’s beauty around us. Thank you for developing our gifts, sharing your traditions and teaching us virtues.

Sancta Sophia, from we mothers who are married, single or childless, help us to appreciate the eternal, cosmic importance that you place on motherhood. Let us understand that the most all-encompassing, world-changing events is happening anonymously in our homes. Our mothering is intergenerational, and our nurturing expands to the poor, marginalised and needy in our lives. Give us the wisdom to guide our children to see beyond the walls of our village to your mystical body, the oneness of creation, the parts of God’s body who must be cherished.

Sancta Sophia, we mothers pray that your grace flows to us as a living water, empowering us to embrace the goodness of the gospel. We pray, that through us, the beat of repentance and forgiveness, love and acceptance, openness and piety, shape every home. With gratitude for the freely given gift of the moment, may we find happiness and contentment in giving all over to you, Sancta Sophia.


Sue Martin is a parishioner of St Madeleine Sophie Barat Parish, Kenthurst.


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