Young Brittaney embarks on life as a Catholic

By Jordan Grantham, 10 August 2017
Congratulations to Brittaney Herring-Cullen is embarking on life as a Catholic. Images: supplied/Wikimedia Commons

RCIA / New Converts to Catholicism 2017

Brittaney Herring-Cullen became a Catholic on Saturday 15 April 2017 at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, Greystanes. Brittaney was inspired to join the Catholic Church by her grandfather and grandmother’s examples of service in the Catholic Church. Soon she will start her own Catholic family in her upcoming marriage to Daniel Grima.

“I come from a Catholic family with my grandfather as an Acolyte and my grandmother a teacher of scriptures,” Brittaney said.

“I am the only one from my family who was not baptised as an infant. Becoming a Catholic was something that I wanted to do for quite sometime, and when my grandfather passed away, the regret set in that I hadn’t completed this journey already, so here I am now, a Catholic, knowing he is looking down on me, proud as proud can be,” she said.

Brittaney would like to thank her Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) coordinator, Margaret O’Connor, RCIA supporter, June Kelly and her fiancé and sponsor, Daniel Grima.

“They were always there to help with any questions I had and were always the first to challenge my thinking,” she said.

Father Paul Marshall from Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish also provided “amazing spiritual guidance on my journey to faith,” she said.

After receiving the sacrements of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion, Brittaney celebrated her reception into the Church at a small party with those closest to her and who supported her on this journey.

The next highlight of Brittaney’s life as a Catholic will be her wedding in June.

“I am due to celebrate the sacrament of marriage in June, so this is definitely what I look forward to most, and being able to celebrate this through Mass,” she said.

“However, beyond that I look forward to bringing the Holy Trinity into my home with my soon to be husband and the children that we hope to bring into the world in the near future.”

Brittaney recommends the RCIA program to anyone wanting to become a Catholic or convert from another form of faith.

Coming to faith “was such an enlightening experience that I will follow for the rest of my life and be able to help bring my children to experience,” Brittaney said.

She will continue to live out her faith with daily prayer, commitment to growth in holiness and living a life centered on love.

“I live my faith by ensuring I have a time set aside each day for reflection, to keep grateful for the life I have been given, to keep humble and assist those in need and to keep love in my life; love of my family, of others and of God,” she said.

Brittaney also plans to dig through numerous religious books she inherited from her grandfather to continue learning about the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith.


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