Catholic Earthcare Australia supports proposed climate change bill

17 January 2020
St Ignatius Riverview student Tom Sheridan with Bishop Vincent Long at the Catholic Earthcare Youth Summit For Climate and Environment, at Santa Sabina College Strathfield, 30 August 2019. Image: Koreen Cueto/Caritas Australia.


Catholic Earthcare Australia, an ecological agency established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, gives ‘in principle’ support to a Private members Bill on a (Climate Change) National Framework for Adaptation and Action.

Zali Steggall, the member for Warringah, is submitting a private members Bill to parliament to galvanise action around Climate Change.

Catholic Earthcare’s Director, Bernard Holland said that the successful passage of similar Bills in Great Britain, Germany, France and New Zealand showed us the way forward in difficult political times.

The Bill outlines that the Government and the proposed independent monitoring agency need to act consistently with the principles that national action on climate change should pursue sensible economic and environmental outcomes, new opportunities, generational equity and just transitions to care for our common home, now and into the future.

The proposed Bill, which is currently being drafted by the Office of Parliamentary Counsel, will set out a clear framework for national plans to be put in place and updated by the Australian Government, and for progress to be rigorously monitored and reported.

Bishop Vincent Long, Chair of the Bishop’s Commission for Justice Ecology and Development, also gives ‘in principle’ support for proposed framework, saying, “given the nature of the proposal, it is very timely indeed.”

“According to  Zali Steggall’s office, it is proposed that the Bill will be submitted in March this year, at which time we will see the detail for further consideration and discernment,” said Mr Holland.

To play its part in helping protect the health of Earth, and its inhabitants, Catholic Earthcare Australia is mandated, through the activities of education, research and advocacy to give leadership in responding to Pope John Paul II’s call to “stimulate and sustain the ecological conversion”.

With thanks to Catholic Earthcare Australia.


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