Pentecost Sunday Reflection from Monsignor Tony Doherty

31 May 2020

A retired priest from the Archdiocese of Sydney has chosen to start recording weekly reflections on the Gospel.

Monsignor Tony Doherty has started a series of reflections called “Breaking Bread Together” on a personal YouTube channel.

The reflections were designed for parishioners of St Joseph’s Neutral Bay, part of the Parishes of Sydney Harbour North, but he warmly welcomes those outside of the parish to the video.


Thirty years ago George Bush Senior was the 41st President of the United States.

There is a story told about him visiting an aged care facility in a small mid-West town. As he wandered through the rooms with his impressive entourage, he took the hand of an ancient

grizzled resident beamed at him and asked:

“Do you know who I am?”

His new friend looked up, squinted and said:

“No son. But it you ask that nice nurse in white over there. She’ll tell you!”

It is believed that the 45th President Donald Trump became fascinated with Twitter when he explained in one of his early tweets why he used a knife and fork to eat pizza.

He was so astonished at the response of hundreds and thousands of followers that now the humble tweet has become a standard tool of his leadership.

Communication by tweet. How does one make sense of it?

Who am I, and how I do I communicate are basic questions that shape the lives of each of us.

They were also the questions which faced the first Christians – the people of ‘the way’.

Pentecost, which is celebrated this week, is that historic moment when those questions took on a new dimension.

Please join us in the Pentecost reflection by tapping on the link below.

Feel quite free to forward this link to whoever you believe may be interested.





To follow Msgr Doherty’s reflections, visit his YouTube channel –


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