Pope Francis visits sacred Indigenous site during Apostolic Journey to Canada

27 July 2022


Returning to the sources of our faith. Pope Francis celebrates a Liturgy of the Word at Lac Ste. Anne, one of the most sacred sites for Indigenous peoples of North America, long known as a place of healing.

Pope Francis — in his wheelchair due to knee pain — prays on the shores of Lac Ste Anne, a place Indigenous peoples have long held to have miraculous healing waters.

“How many hearts have come here with anxious longing, weighed down by life’s burdens, and found by these waters consolation and strength to carry on!”

“In this blessed place, where harmony and peace reign, we present to you the disharmony of our experiences, the terrible effects of colonization, the indelible pain of so many families, grandparents and children,” Pope Francis said.

To learn more about the Pope’s visit to Lac Ste Anne, read this Vatican News article.

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