The right to practise faith – one asylum seeker’s search for safety and religious freedom

By House of Welcome, 1 July 2021


House of Welcome exists to welcome, shelter and empower people seeking asylum and refugees regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, nationality or religion. We provide client-centred holistic supports that nurture hope, advocate for justice and promote self-reliance, whilst acknowledging the dignity and the rights of each individual.​ Based in Granville, House of Welcome works closely with the Diocese of Parramatta, and is generously supported by many local parishes and schools.

In this short documentary, House of Welcome client Jamil reflects on his experience of seeking asylum in Australia.

Jamil’s reflection explores not only the pressing and ongoing issues faced by people seeking asylum, such as meeting basic needs of food and shelter, but also the emotional and psychological struggles associated with trauma, persecution and family separation.

Jamil’s experiences highlight the value of community support for new arrivals to Australia, and the unwavering determination and resilience that people seeking asylum bring to our community.

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Published with collaboration from House of Welcome.

You can help refugees and asylum seekers in our Diocese through our Diocesan Food Drive Roster which donates desperately needed food supplies to the House of Welcome and Jesuit Refugee Service.

This article highlights a story from the “Diocesan Journey… Walking with Refugees and People Seeking Protection”. Click here to learn more about this initiative and to follow our 14-weeks campaign from Refugee Week to World Day of Migrants and Refugees. 


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