Expressions of interest for Diocesan Plenary Council 2020 delegates

3 January 2020
Image: Diocese of Parramatta.


Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv, the Bishop of Parramatta, has invited the faithful of Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains to express their interest in being a delegate for our local Church to the Plenary Council.

Our diocese will be sending a delegation of people to the Plenary Council and this includes

  • Two (2) delegates called from our diocese from the “presbyters and others of Christ’s faithful”

These two people are to be called from among the “presbyters and others of Christ’s faithful” of our diocesan Church, that is: from among the clergy and the laity.

Some characteristics of the delegates to be called to consider are:

  • The person’s demonstrated commitment to leadership in the Church and/or her ministries (e.g. an active parish ministries leader, Catholic Education staff member, Catholic Social Services worker or ecclesial movement leader, etc.)
  • The person’s living of the Gospel in their life through both prayer and deeds
  • Their awareness of ‘the bigger picture’ of Catholic faith, community and works in context of contemporary Australian society
  • Previous participation in / leadership of listening and dialogue, or listening and discernment encounters with people in the person’s community, workplace or family

Ultimately, the foundational characteristic to be considered is the person’s ability and capacity to discern with an open heart, listening to what the Spirit is saying to the Church in Australia.

Any person who expresses their interest in being called by our diocese to be a delegate to the Plenary Council must be available for the following dates:

  1. Preparation and formation days for Delegates: Choose ONE of the following four dates:
    • Melbourne: Thursday 5.00pm June 18 2020 – Saturday 12.00pm June 20 2020.
    • Brisbane: Thursday 5.00pm June 25 2020 – Saturday 12.00pm June 27 2020
    • Sydney: Thursday 5.00pm July 16 2020 – Saturday 12.00pm July 18 2020
    • Perth: Thursday 5.00pm July 23 2020 – Saturday 12.00pm July 25 2020
  2. Plenary Council General Assembly 1: Sunday 2.00pm October 4 2020 – Sunday 12.00pm October 11 2020
  3. Plenary Council General Assembly 2: Monday 12.00pm June 28 2021 – Saturday 12.00pm July 3 2021

Anyone who cannot be available for all of these dates, unfortunately is ineligible to be called.

Also, please note that the minimum required age for delegates is 16 years of age.

Please promote this throughout your faith community and encourage your parish Council and other ministry leaders to pray together to discern this call.

Expressions of Interest form can be downloaded from the Diocesan website at

Please send any expressions of interest by email to by 12.00pm January 25 2020 for discernment and decision.

If you have questions, or if you require further information, please contact Richard McMahon or Tanya Quinn on 8838 3441 or

Finally, although the total number of delegates is quite small, this group of people will represent our local diocesan Church, and help to guide all of the Church in Australia towards the future.

It is a great act of faith and we are led by the Spirit every step of the way. Please join with the Bishop in praying for all of the Church in Australia, and in particular for our diocesan delegation as we continue to journey toward the Plenary Council.


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