Project Elizabeth: pregnancy and early parenthood support

Becoming a parent for the first time is both a wonderful and a challenging experience.
Project Elizabeth is a service of CatholicCare Social Services Diocese of Parramatta .

Source: Catholic Outlook, October 2016

Becoming a parent for the first time is both a wonderful and a challenging experience. Parent­ing can be one of the most rewarding but demanding roles a person can un­dertake. No baby is born with a manual outlining their temperament, nature or what they will do in life.


CatholicCare Social Services Diocese of Parramatta provides support for families and/or individuals who are expecting a baby, have lost a baby or who have a child aged from 0-3 years.

If you feel the need to talk to a professional who listens and provides support, then Project Elizabeth’s counsellors may be able to help. Their aim is to find solutions and build skills to overcome personal obstacles, cope better with life transitions and unexpected events, and work to improve relationships with others.

Project Elizabeth can assist by offering:

* Counselling;

* Practical support according to individual and family goals;

* Information and referral to health and community service organisations;

* Visits in your home, at the centre office or another place where you feel comfortable;

* An opportunity to attend parenting groups run through the service; and

* Parenting strategies.

Project Elizabeth can help if you are:

* Concerned about any pregnancy issue, either a current or past pregnancy, and wish to talk about it;

* Unsure of the best options for you and your baby;

* Experiencing difficulties in caring for children aged from 0-3 years;

* Unfamiliar with the local health and welfare services;

* Anxious about your wife, partner, girlfriend or daughter who is pregnant; or

* Needing to talk about miscarriage, abortion, adoption, assumption by Family and Community Services, having your child fostered, or a pregnancy that you had in the past

For more information about Project Elizabeth, please contact CatholicCare Social Services Diocese of Parramatta, tel (02) 8822 2266.


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