Struggling to Believe? The Journey of One Contemporary Believer

29 May 2024


It can be hard, almost impossible these days, to have a fruitful conversation about God. How do we express to others and ourselves the ground of our being, the source of all life and being, the ultimate mystery? In a world full of surface realities and humdrum concerns, a genuine effort to speak of God calls for all our life’s experiences.

In his newest book Struggling to Believe?, Monsignor Tony Doherty, a retired priest from the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney. offers a perspective on how to speak about God today in a manner that makes sense and brings nourishment in this restless, stormy, but beautiful world. He believes that taking our own life-stories seriously holds an important clue to achieving this.

Tony shares over six decades of his life experiences as a priest in the Catholic Church, an educator, a hospital chaplain, and his own family history to offer a glimpse into the life of ‘one wrestling believer’.

Full of gorgeous images, fascinating personal experiences, and insightful reflection, Struggling to Believe? takes the reader on a journey of faith like no other – leaving them with a stronger understanding of their own beliefs and how these fit into modern Australia.

You can purchase Struggling to Believe? through Garret Publishing.

LISTEN: An extended explanation by Monsignor Doherty on the formation of his book.


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