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17 February 2021
Image: Mentoring Men/Supplied


For many men throughout South Western Sydney, the last few months have been particularly difficult. Much of the impact of the last year has landed on men’s shoulders and has found them short of resources to cope with one hit after another.

Men often find it difficult to seek support or to acknowledge needing assistance, so isolation and stress can build up to a breaking point.

Shockingly out of every eight suicides daily in Australia, six will be men. More than 2,500 Australian male deaths are listed as suicides each year.

An organisation that is growing quickly in the face of the latest issues facing men is the not-for-profit Mentoring Men.

Mentoring Men was founded in 2018 and has rapidly grown to reach over 700 men.

Founder Ian Westmoreland says he realised there was a clear need for ordinary men to step up and help care and listen to other men going through life challenges.

He saw mentoring as a way of calling on our own experience and service to support others through the stressful situations that life can throw into our path.

Mentoring Men is now offering a free one-to-one, peer support program that is making a huge difference to local bloke’s lives and helping communities all over Australia.

They welcome all men regardless of their background and beliefs and they are encouraging local blokes to reach out and get free, open and no-hassle support from a trained Mentor to walk together through these tough times.

For more information, contact Mentoring Men at or 1300 583 925.

With thanks to Mentoring Men.


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