Uniting Church in Darwin pledges prayers and support for the Plenary Council

7 October 2021
Reverend Andrew Williams (second left) from the Uniting Church in Darwin offers prayers and support for Bishop Charles Gauci (right) and Diocese of Darwin Members of the Plenary Council during Mass at St Mary's Star of the Sea Cathedral in Darwin. Image: Catholic Diocese of Darwin/Supplied


On Sunday 3 October, the Diocese of Darwin’s Plenary Council Members celebrated the beginning of their journey with Mass at St Mary’s Star of the Sea Cathedral, led by Bishop Charles Gauci.

Prior to commencing the Mass, a prayer was offered by Reverend Andrew Williams from the Uniting Church in Darwin, who was accompanied by two other members. Following the prayer, Rev Andrew gifted a prayer candle as a token of their pledge to pray and support the Plenary Council.

“The Uniting Church decided that as you commence the Plenary Council, we wanted to be in prayerful solidarity with you,” Reverend Andrew said during a speech before he led the prayer.

“My dear friends, I am so grateful that members from our sister Church from down the road came to promise their Prayers and their support for the Catholic community as we gather in this assembly. We thank them and we continue praying for a fuller Unity between us in Christ. Thanks be to God!” said Bishop Gauci.

Watch a snapshot video from the Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit for the Plenary Council in Darwin here or below.

With thanks to the Catholic Diocese of Darwin.


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