Celebrating Mother’s Day Across Continents: A Joyful Tradition in the Nigerian Catholic Community

By Gloria Mmasinachi Ibe, 15 May 2024
The Nigerian Catholic Community celebrating Mother's Day, at Holy Family Church, South Granville. Image: Nigerian Catholic Community


In Australia and various corners of the globe, Mother’s Day consistently falls on the second Sunday of May, marking a cherished occasion to honour the remarkable women in our lives.

Within our vibrant Nigerian Catholic Community, this day holds special significance, resonating deeply with our values of love, respect and gratitude. 

At the heart of our community proudly stands the Catholic Women Organisation, affectionately known as ‘The CWO’, a beacon of strength and unity among our parishioners.

Members of the Catholic Women Organisation played a central role in the Mass. Image: Nigerian Catholic Community

The priests after the Mother’s Day Mass. Image: Nigerian Catholic Community

This year, our Mother’s Day celebrations commenced with a memorable Zoom retreat on 27 April 2024, led by Fr Raymond Ugwu CSSp. Centred around the theme ‘Spousal Relationships and their Impact on Children and Society’, the retreat drew more than 30 devoted women, fostering insightful discussions and spiritual growth. 

On the day itself, our community came together for a touching Mass at Holy Family Church, South Granville, where the CWO played an integral role in the liturgy, from readings to hymns.

Some of the CWO members (above and top) with their loved ones. Images: Nigerian Catholic Community

Following the service, and with hearts brimming with gratitude, we convened at The Granville Centre for a jubilant reception, infused with laughter, camaraderie and cherished traditions. 

 The festivities unfolded with flair, featuring a grand entrance by the women of the CWO, accompanied by dance performances by our beloved children. Culinary delights awaited, showcasing an array of sumptuous Nigerian cuisines, lovingly prepared to tantalise the taste buds of all attendees. 

Mother’s Day holds special significance for the Nigerian Catholic Community. Images: Nigerian Catholic Community

 A highlight of the day was the ceremonial cutting of the cake, symbolising the sweetness of maternal love and unity within our community. As the sun set on our joyful gathering, the rhythm of music beckoned us to the dance floor, where members of the CWO showed their spirited moves, igniting infectious joy throughout the venue. 

 Not to be outdone, the Catholic Men Organisation (CMO) added a touch of humour with a playful game, mimicking the distinctive style of the women’s attire, eliciting laughter and strengthening bonds of fellowship. 

Children performed at the reception after the Mass. Image: Nigerian Catholic Community

 In reflection, our Mother’s Day celebration was a resounding success, a testament to the enduring spirit of love and kinship that defines our community. With hearts uplifted and spirits renewed, we eagerly anticipate the second Sunday in May, a time-honoured tradition that brings us closer together in appreciation of the extraordinary women who enrich our lives each day. 

Members of the CWO at the cake cutting. Image: Nigerian Catholic Community

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