‘Fratelli Tutti’ in 5 minutes

12 October 2020
Pope Francis celebrates Mass and signs the new Encyclical "Fratelli Tutti" before the tomb of St Francis of Assisi in Assisi, Italy. Image: Vatican Media/Vatican News.


Pope Francis’ new encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, was released on Sunday 4 October. The encyclical, which is the highest classification of papal document, is Francis’ diagnosis of the social problems plaguing our world—and his proposed cures.

During a brief update by America Magazine’s “Inside the Vatican podcast”, host Colleen Dulle, assistant producer of audio and video at America, breaks down the document’s main themes.

In the 86-page document, Francis diagnoses a number of social ills, including what he’s called the “throwaway culture” that treats the environment, resources, and even people as disposable. He describes unjust economic systems that exploits workers in order to enrich a few wealthy people, and he goes into detail about the negative effects of both populism and globalisation.

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With thanks to America Magazine, where this article originally appeared.


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