Mary MacKillop makes her mark into cyberspace

16 March 2010
St Patrick’s Cathedral's life-size statue of Mary MacKillop by artist Peter Corlett. Photo: Hamilton Lund.

The Sisters of St Joseph have launched the new official Mary MacKillop website, offering users a highly interactive and exciting journey into the life and legacy of Australia’s first saint and one of the country’s most interesting women.

The site – – features never-before-seen images of Mary MacKillop, readings of her final letters and virtual tours of Mary’s tomb and her last home – Alma Cottage.

Sister Annette Arnold worked closely with web developers Fraynework Multimedia to create a site that makes Mary and her story accessible to all people regardless of where they live and regardless of their religion.

“This website gives anyone interested in the story of Mary MacKillop an intimate and personal understanding of her life and the contributions she made to Australia,” Sister Annette said.

Director of Client Services of Fraynework Multimedia, Anne Walsh says her team were thrilled to be part of the project.

“We applied a range of modern technologies along with visually rich graphic design to provide site visitors with an engaging online journey,” Anne Walsh said.

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